Faith Healer "Canonized" (video)

Faith Healer 'Canonized' (video)
If there's one thing people never get sick of, it's the sight of pretty young things partying. Jessica Jalbert stands juxtaposed to all of the debauched activities seen in the new video for her Faith Healer project's "Canonized" single, though, enjoying the solemnity of a snow-stricken forest scene while her pals get wild.

Scored by a blizzard of fuzzed-out shoegaze tones and breathy vocals, the video bounces back and forth between shots of a twig-gathering Jalbert practicing her foraging skills and an indoors montage of a crew of kids smoking and drinking their way through a mid-winter house party. Following some glassy-eyed shimmying and a tarot card reading, they all meet up outside to appreciate the disparity of a flickering flame cast across a chilly landscape.

You can peep the video for "Canonized, which comes from Faith Healer's Cosmic Troubles LP, down below, via Stereogum.