Dope American Apathy

American Apathy is the wrong title for the fifth album from New York nu-metal imitators Dope. The most troubling aspect of George Bush’s America is that it’s not a result of apathy, but is instead the product of the most politically engaged American citizenry in a generation. Don’t come to Dope expecting political savvy. Improbably named front-man Edsel Dope scrawls his anti-everything and supposedly revolutionary manifesto throughout the album art and it includes such gems as "fuck gun control,” "fuck the economy,” and "fuck the homeless.” So, Dope wants what to change, exactly? The centrepiece here is "I Wish I Was the President,” in which we learn that were Edsel running the show, he’d "smoke the dopest cigars, drive a muscle car/and fuck 11 different porno stars.” He’d also "get high with little honour roll girls,” which is charming. Vapid sub-industrial processed lifelessness and profanity-laced adolescent fantasy reign in Edsel Dope’s America, breathtaking in its stupidity. (Artemis)