Courage My Love Go Full 'Breakfast Club' for "Teenager" Video

Courage My Love Go Full 'Breakfast Club' for 'Teenager' Video
Courage My Love are back with a brand new song and a brand new video. That said, "Teenagers" also very much throws us back to the '80s.

As you'll see in the "Teenagers" video below, the Kitchener trio take inspiration from John Hughes' classic Breakfast Club for their latest clip. 

"While being a teenager is a very exciting time in our lives where we experience new things for the first time and begin to discover who we are, there are many moments of self-doubt, self-evaluation, and peer pressure that aren't talked about as much," Courage My Love's Mercedes Arn-Horn explained in a statement. "This song is about looking back, but also looking forward to the rest of your life."

Not only does Arn-Horn star in the video, but she also co-directed it. The "Teenagers" clip was shot in the band's hometown at the Kitchener Public Library and Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute.

Speaking of the Breakfast Club homage, Arn-Horn said, "To us, that story perfectly summarizes an epiphany we go through as we grow up, the knowledge that though we all may appear different on the outside, we all yearn for the same thing on the inside: acceptance.  

"We recreated iconic moments from the movie in our own way. It was really fun to embrace our roles as The Princess, The Basketcase, The Rebel, etc., and make them our own. Of the videos I've directed for this band, this one seemed the most ambitious to pull off and presented its own set of challenges."

Watch the video for "Teenagers" for yourself below.