Cattle Decapitation "Your Disposal" (video)

Cattle Decapitation 'Your Disposal' (video)
Long-running, environmentally-motivated grinders Cattle Decapitation are still on the promotion trail behind last year's Monolith of Inhumanity LP and have just dropped an earth-and-afterbirth-covered new clip for the album's "Your Disposal."

Directed by Mitch Massie, the clip mixes performance footage with an apparently Adam-and-Eve-inspired narrative. Down below, you'll see some loaded apple-eating scenes and a full-on neon-explosion of fluid flying out of Eve mid-clip. As you may imagine, the clip might not be suited for the squeamish.

Cattle Decapitation wrote of the clip in a statement: "Here we see Eve giving birth to humanity, a living, breathing piece of primordial meat birthed into the dirt making its way through the Garden of Eden, hellbent on destruction... A clean and conscious monolith foretelling what could be possible given the fact that humans exhibit superior traits of intelligence, instead the earth is flooded with technological fallout and debris by the hands of man."

As previously reported, Cattle Decapitation are currently out on the road as part of the Summer Slaughter tour with Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean and more. The travelling metal fest hits up Toronto and Montreal next week, and you can see the details over here.