Blue Rodeo Named 2014 Record Store Day Ambassadors

Blue Rodeo Named 2014 Record Store Day Ambassadors
While earlier this week it was revealed that Public Enemy leader Chuck D would serve as the official ambassador of Record Store Day, organizers up north have now added that national treasures Blue Rodeo will take on the title themselves for the Canadian version of the April 19 vinyl celebration.

A press release notes that the long-running roots rock outfit know a thing or two about selling records, having sold over four million albums over the years, and the band themselves have weighed in on the specialness of the independent record store.

"Growing up, records were our religion," vocalist/guitarist Greg Keelor said in a statement. "They were our statements of cool. We carried them from party to party, rec room to rec room, symbols of our hipness. It's funny, things haven't changed that much. Go buy some records. Take a trip!"

Vocalist/guitarist Jim Cuddy likewise praised record stores, explaining how they act as a "social service" for music fans, including he and his children.

Cuddy explained: "When my kids began to develop their own unique tastes in music I took them to their first independent record store. It was like a whole new world had opened to them. The fact of the matter is those record stores are so much more than just merchandise sellers. They are a social service. Like-minded people sharing their love and knowledge of music. My children have never lost their connection to independent record stores and their knowledge of music is now broad and unique. Makes a parent proud."

In the video down below, you'll find Blue Rodeo pumping up RSD even more, with Keelor and Cuddy interviewing a cast of wax junkies at a local record store about their vinyl habit. One such buyer is Blue Rodeo is bassist Bazil Donovan, who estimates his collection contains roughly 1,500 slabs of vinyl.

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