Bishop Nehru "It's Whateva" (video)

Bishop Nehru 'It's Whateva' (video)
As previously promised by Bishop Nehru, the Nanuet, NY rapper will be delivering "new flows [and] new sounds" with the upcoming release of his Magic 19 mixtape. Another cut has materialized ahead of time, though, and you can check out his "It's Whateva" in a music video.

Noting that he offers up "versatility in the finest form," Nehru is found spitting his lines from a remote set of stone bleachers. He praises his own A-1 abilities, drops a 2Pac reference, and throws up the devil horns in the black and white clip.

Visually, the video shakes things up with a few artistic fades, a bit of VHS-style waviness, and stages a Whateva Magazine cover shoot. You can give it a peep below.

Magic 19 pops up June 3.