Beyoncé Released Two "New" Albums Last Night — Only to Have Them Removed Within Hours

SZA also fell victim to what seems to be an elaborate hoax
Beyoncé Released Two 'New' Albums Last Night — Only to Have Them Removed Within Hours
Beyoncé fans were taken for quite the ride last night. Out of nowhere, a pair of supposed new albums of Beyoncé material arrived on streaming services — only to then be pulled down as quickly as they arrived.

On Thursday night (December 20), a pair of albums — called Have Your Way and Back Up, Rewind — mysteriously appeared on Spotify and Apple Music, credited to the very obvious alias "Queen Carter." They came loaded with various B-sides, demos and unreleased material, but both the albums were removed within hours of appearing online.

In the wake of the incident, Beyoncé's publicist went into damage control, telling PEOPLE that the two albums were not intended as another one of the star's famed "surprise" releases. Reps for Spotify and Apple Music, meanwhile, have not publicly addressed the leak, making the whole thing quite the mystery.

Strangely enough, SZA also had a similar incident last night, as an album of older material suddenly surfaced on Spotify and Apple Music under the artist name "Sister Solana."

"These are random scratches from 2015. Def not new new," SZA shared on her Instagram story. "But… creative? And scary? Lol HEART U THO.. I SWEAR the new is coming!"

As of press time, it's unclear if the albums were simply a hoax, a surprise gone wrong or something entirely else. Whatever the case, the releases by both Beyoncé and SZA sent fans into quite the frenzy, and you can see some of the reaction below.