Anamai "Abris" on Exclaim! TV

Anamai 'Abris' on Exclaim! TV
Anamai is an experimental neo-folk endeavour lead by Anna Mayberry (HSY) and produced by David Psutka (Hiawatha, Egyptrixx). The rest of the collective is constantly changing; Anamai often appear with fellow musicians and performers for collaborative sets in the spirit of creating improvisational and ever-evolving art. The most recent incarnation of Anamai boasts some of Toronto's finest experimentalists: Jude of HSY, Ami Spears of Crosss and Allie Blumas of DOOMSQUAD. It is uncertain, however, how the transient collective will appear next.

Anamai released their sophomore LP Sallows through Buzz Records in March 2015, and soon after embarked on a supporting tour across eastern Canada. The final performance took place at Artscape Gibraltar Point as part of the Camp Wavelength festival, and we captured the set for Exclaim! TV.

"This is nap time... for you guys. So feel free to close your eyes or lie down." Mayberry comforts her audience before the drowsy rhythm of "Abris" floats in and settles all around like a lullaby. She coos in harmony with Blumas until dreamy strumming and a gentle crescendo bring the delicate melody to a rest.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Sound by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at Camp Wavelength, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto ON.