Alex Calder Shares 'BEND' Album, Becomes Viral Skateboarder

Alex Calder Shares 'BEND' Album, Becomes Viral Skateboarder
Montreal pop artist Alex Calder has been many things over the years, from a failed reality show host to a celebrity chef to Canada's best Quentin Tarantino impersonator. It's amazing he finds time to keep making music, but the artist has just returned with a new collection of B-sides and demos.

The release is called BEND, and it collects 15 tracks that were recorded between 2013 and 2015.

Speaking with Exclaim!, Calder explains, "This is like an in-between album while I work on, like, a 'real studio album' — [my] first time not recording at home."

Fortunately, he hasn't completely ditched his extracurricular activities. Calder recently reinvented himself as a laid back skater bro, and you can keep up with his chill vibes with the new "Alex Calder skates" Instagram account.

You can also give BEND a stream below. The album is currently a digital-only release, though it might get a limited cassette pressing down the line.


1. Foam
2. Out of Tune
3. Sasaki
4. Someone (Early Demo)
5. Out of Touch
6. Wire Way
7. Real Life
8. Bend
9. Paralyzed
10. Goodbye
11. Born In Another Time
12. Dealing With The Sun
13. Fade
14. Great Ideas
15. Shaking My Years Away



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