Alabama Shakes "Gimme All Your Love" / "Don't Wanna Fight" / "Gemini" (live on 'ACL')

Alabama Shakes 'Gimme All Your Love' / 'Don't Wanna Fight' / 'Gemini' (live on 'ACL')
Southern soul-rock outfit Alabama Shakes will appear on the January 2 episode of Austin City Limits, and now they're previewing this episode by sharing a few songs from the performance.

All of the preview cuts come from this year's Sound & Colour. The aching "Gimme All Your Love" is a slow-burning soul ballad that gradually swells to a dramatic crescendo of yowling title repetitions, whirling organ and gritty guitar overdrive. "Don't Wanna Fight" is slinkier and more groove-based, and it features a trio of backup singers to who help to boost the harmonized hook. Lastly, "Gemini" is a web exclusive that won't be in the broadcast version; it was presumably omitted because its sparse, six-minute sprawl make it too long to fit in the television edit.

Watch the clips below. Alabama Shakes grace the cover of Exclaim!'s current issue.