Adult Swim Abruptly Cancels DOOM's Singles Series

The cancellation comes as accusations swirl that the series of supposedly new songs was full of recycled material
Adult Swim Abruptly Cancels DOOM's Singles Series
Fans of DOOM were ecstatic to learn earlier this year that the masked MC was releasing a load of supposedly new music through a weekly series called Missing Notebook Rhymes through Adult Swim. But after seven weeks, the series has mysteriously come to an abrupt end, as accusations arise that the series involved DOOM passing off old material as new tracks.

As Mass Appeal reports, every song that had seen release in the series has suddenly disappeared from Adult Swim's website. The seven cuts that had made it online featured collaborations with Kool Keith, Jay Electronica and Alchemist, in addition to a revival of DOOM's alter ego Viktor Vaughn.

A spokesperson for Adult Swim gave Mass Appeal the following statement:

Adult Swim is ending our relationship with DOOM, and thus, the remaining Missing Notebook Rhymes will unfortunately have to remain…missing. We are glad to have had the chance to provide the previous free tracks to our fans.

The Missing Notebook Rhymes was slated to run for 15 weeks.

As Vulture points out, however, the series seemingly was bogged down by DOOM recycling songs that were hardly new to begin with. For example, "Notebook 06" was a remixed version of "Pause Tape" from the 2013 JJ DOOM effort Key to the Kuffs (Butter Edition). "Notebook 05," meanwhile, has been floating around on the internet for years under the name "No Refunds," while "Notebook 02" features a verse that has been around since at least 2012.

And those are only a few of even more examples, though it's unclear if the supposed recycled nature of the series is why Adult Swim canned the thing.

DOOM's latest work includes a collaborative record with Westside Gunn titled WESTSIDEDOOM. This morning (September 27), he shared the new track "Gorilla Monsoon," which you can hear below.