Ottawa Isn't Happy About These Spray Paint Ads for 'The Lion King'

The ads on paths and sidewalks are "trash and should be removed"
Ottawa Isn't Happy About These Spray Paint Ads for 'The Lion King'
Photo: @eljojo
Disney's remake of the The Lion King is set to roar into theatres tomorrow (July 19), and in week leading up to the film's release, Ottawa residents aren't pleased about a series of spray-painted series of ads for the film that have appeared around the city.

The stencil ads have been spotted around Ottawa on pathways and sidewalks along the Rideau Canal, in addition to Sparks and Elgin streets. You can find photos of the spray paint graphics below.

UPDATE (7/18, 4:01 p.m. EDT): Exclaim! photographer Richard Lann has also spotted some of the same stencil work out in Halifax. Earlier this week, a number of residents expressed their concern with "Disney...appropriating paths in public parks in Ottawa as ad space" on Twitter, sharing photos with the National Capital Commission (NCC) in hopes of getting them removed. One Twitter user called them "trash," while another asked, "What is this, 2012? Why damage my city like this?"

The NCC ensured the irate Ottawans that the graphics would be removed, and told CBC News it would offer no further details on how many advertisements appeared, when they were painted and who was responsible. 

Of course, plenty of others online also saw the outcry as a chance to dunk on Ottawa's longstanding reputation as "the city that fun forgot," invoking other contentious civic issues such as the contentious Chateau Laurier addition and the 2016 policing of a child's lemonade stand.

In an emailed statement to the CBC, Ottawa's general manager of Public Works and Environmental Services Department, Kevin Wylie, said those responsible for the ads did not follow the proper approval process for public advertising, and that the city "will be working with the organization in question to determine the next steps."

Jon Favreau's reboot of The Lion King arrives in theatres July 19. Read Exclaim!'s review of the film.